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HRDP8 Program

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Sunday, August 7



Registration, London Hall


Welcome Reception, London Hall


Monday, August 8



Registration, Physics and Astronomy Atrium


Session 1, John O'Connor, Chair


Welcoming Remarks, Physics and Astronomy Rm. 148 (all oral presentations)



Roth, D., Goebl, D., Bruckner, B., Steinberger, R., Primetzhofer, D., Bauer, P.

Quantitative low energy ion scattering: Achievements and challenges



Bruckner, B., Roth, D., Goebl, D., Juaristi, J.I., Alducin, M., Steinberger, R., Primetzhofer, D., Bauer, P.

Electronic stopping of slow protons in transition metals


Coffee Break, Physics and Astronomy Atrium (all coffee breaks)


Session 2, Giovanni Fanchini, Chair



Copel, M.

MEIS of materials for post-silicon electronics



van den Berg, J.A., Rossall, A.K., England, J.G., Alencar, I., Marmitt, G.G., Grande, P.L.

The characterisation of As plasma doping and processing using medium energy ion scattering


Lunch, University Community Centre, The Wave, 2nd Floor


Session 3, Matt Copel, Chair



England, J.G., van den Berg, J.A., Rossall, A.K., Alencar, I., Marmitt, G.G., Trombini, H., Grande, P.L.

Combining Medium Energy Ion Scattering measurements with TRIDYN dynamic modelling to characterise a plasma doping process



Avila, T.S., Fichtner, P.R.P., Hentz, A., Grande, P.L.

On the use of MEIS cartography for the determination of Si1-xGex
thin-film strain



Alencar, I., Marmitt, G.G., Grande, P.L., England, J.G., Rossall, A.K., van den Berg, J.A.

Compositional depth profile investigation of plasma doped Si/SiO2:As by Medium-Energy Ion Scattering


Coffee Break


Session 4, Pedro Grande, Chair



Brocklebank, M., Noël, J.J., Goncharova, L.V.

Passive TiO2 growth studies using Medium Energy Ion Scattering and Nuclear Reaction Profiling



Marmitt, G.G., Nandi, S.K., Venkatachalam, D.K., Elliman, R.G., Vos, M., Grande, P.L.

Application of ERBS analysis on O diffusion in TiO2 films



Moon, D.W., Grande, P.L., Marmitt, G.G., RRT participants

International RRT of MEIS analysis of HfO2 thin films and multiple delta layers


Meeting of the International Scientific Committee



Tuesday, August 9



Session 5, Torgny Gustafsson, Chair



Feldman, L.C., Gustafsson, T., Manichev, V., Wang, H.

He Ion Microscopes: Potential and pitfalls



Klingner, N., Heller, R., Hlawacek, G., Gnauck, P., Facsko, S., Borany, J.v.

Ion beam analysis in a Helium Ion Microscope – elemental mapping on the nm scale



Manichev, V., Garfunkel, E., Yang, J., Chhowalla, M., Lagos, M., Batson, P., Feldman, L.C., Gustafsson, T.

Helium Ion Microscopy studies of biological/biomedical samples, atomic size defects and elemental identification


Coffee Break


Session 6, DaeWon Moon, Chair



Primetzhofer, D.

Electronic interactions of medium-energy ions with solids: some recent results and their implications for high-resolution depth profiling



Noakes, T.C.Q., Mistry, S., Cropper, M.D., Rossall, A.K., van den Berg, J.A.

MEIS studies of oxygen plasma cleaning of copper for fast response time photocathodes used in accelerator applications


Lunch, University Community Centre, The Wave, 2nd Floor


Session 7, Lyudmila Goncharova, Chair



Stedile, F.C., Pitthan, E., Corrêa, S.A., Soares, G.V., Radtke, C.

Nuclear Reaction Profiling unraveling the incorporation of water in SiO2/SiC structures



Larochelle, J.-S., Désilets-Benoit, A., Martel, E., Borduas, G., Roorda, S.

Detection of hydrogen in steel with an N-15 nuclear resonance



Green, R.J., Macke, S., Sawatzky, G.A.

Element, valence and orbital depth profiling with resonant x-ray reflectometry


Discussion on the future of the International Workshop on High-Resolution Depth Profiling


Student Poster Competition
cash prizes provided by a generous donation from Professor Emeritus

Ian Mitchell, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Poster Session/Wine and Cheese Reception, Physics and Astronomy Atrium

Photos from the Poster Session may be found here.


Brocklebank, M., Goncharova, L.V., Barchet, D., Kherani, N.P.

Medium energy ion scattering and elastic recoil detection for solar silicon devices


Cadogan, C.C., Karner, V.L., Tavares, A., Pywowarzcuk, A., Simpson, P.J., Goncharova, L.V. 

Synthesis and characterisation of silicon nanoclusters in alumina


Gaudet, J.M., Simpson, P.J.

Depth profiling of silicon quantum dots formed in ion-implanted thermal oxide thin film


Lagutin, A.

Device for the transformation of charged particle beams using glass capillaries


Marmitt, G.G., Trombini, H., Sulzbach, M.C., Alencar, I., Grande, P.L.

PowerMEIS: RBS/MEIS simulations using cloud computing


Martínez-Flores, C., Trujillo-López, L.N., Serkovic-Loli, L.N., Cabrera-Trujillo, R.

Universal scaling of the electronic stopping cross section for swift heavy projectiles colliding with atoms and molecules


Min, W.J., Kim, W.S., Park, K., Jung, K.H., An, S.Y., Kim, J.-s., Kim, S.G., Sim, C.S., Kim, S., Kim, J., Yu, K.-S., Sortica, M.A., Grande, P.L., Moon, D.W.

MEIS-K120 using 100 keV He+ and TOF analyzer


Rideout, J., Knights, A.P., Simpson, P.J., Mascher, P., England, J.G.

Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy with in situ ion implantation to investigate defects in semiconductors over a wide temperature range


Zolnai, Z., Petrik, P., Deák, A., Pothorszky, S., Zámbó, D., Vértesy, G., Nagy, N., Rossall, A.K., van den Berg, J.A.

A three-dimensional analysis of Au-silica core-shell nanoparticles using medium energy ion scattering


Sortica, M.A., Grande, P.L., Radtke, C., Almeida, L.G., Debastiani, R., Dias, J.F., Hentz, A.

Structural characterization of CdSe/ZnS quantum dots using Medium Energy Ion Scattering


Sulzbach, M.C., Marmitt, G.G., Pereira, L.G., Grande, P.L.

Characterization of resistive memories using micro-beam RBS


Trombini, H., Marmitt, G.G., Alencar, I., Hatori, M., Grande, P.L., Dias, J.F., Assmann, W., Toulemonde, M., Trautman, C.

Characterization of ejected CaF2 by swift heavy ion bombardment using MEIS


Trombini, H., Marmitt, G.G., Grande, P.L., Alencar, I., England, J.G.

3D characterization of nanostructures using MEIS


Zalm, P.C., Bailey, P., Rossall, A.K., van den Berg, J.A.

Quantitative considerations in medium energy ion scattering analysis of nanolayers


Xiao, Q.F., Cui, X.Y., Hu, Y.F., Sham, T.K.

Bulk-sensitive Hard X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy facility at Canadian Light Source



Wednesday, August 10



Session 8, Jaap van den Berg, Chair



Nakajima, K., Nagano, K., Marumo, T., Yamamoto, K., Narumi, K., Saitoh, Y., Hirata, K., Kimura, K.

Transmission SIMS: A novel approach to achieving higher secondary ion yields of intact biomolecules



Kim, H.J., Chung, K.W., Moon, D.W.

Investigation of electric double layer at liquid interface with TOF-MEIS



Schiettekatte, F.

Multiple scattering and geometry effects on depth profiling of 2D and 3D structures


Coffee Break


Session 9, Daniel Primetzhofer, Chair



Moutanabbir, O.

3-D atom-by-atom dissection of materials



Karner, V.L., McFadden, R.M.L., Chatzichristos, A., Fujimoto, D., McKenzie, I., Morris, G.D., Cortie, D.L., Kiefl, R.F., MacFarlane, W.A.

Beta-detected Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (β-NMR): Towards depth resolved NMR


Pick up bag lunch, Physics and Astronomy Atrium


Excursion to Niagara Falls, Banquet at Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Photos from the Excursion may be found here.



Thursday, August 11



Session 10, Kenji Kimura, Chair



van den Berg, J.A., Rossall, A.K., Bailey, P., Barlow, R.J.

MEIS regained at the IIAA in Huddersfield University



Roth, D., Bruckner, B., Mardare, A., McGahan, Ch.L., Dosmailov, M., Juaristi, J.I., Alducin, M., Primetzhofer, D., Haglund, Jr., R.F., Pedarnig, J.D., Bauer, P.

Electronic stopping of slow protons in oxides



Vajandar, S.K., Wang, W., Chan, T.K., Tok, E.S., Yeo, Y.C., Osipowicz, T.

Interface strain study of ultra-thin HfO2 films on Ge and GeSn substrates using HR-RBS


Coffee Break


Session 11, René Heller, Chair



Murdoch, A., Trant, A.G., Gustafson, J., Jones, T.E., Noakes, T.C.Q., Bailey, P., Baddeley, C.J.

A MEIS, STM and RAIRS investigation of the adsorption of CO on
cobalt/palladium bimetallic surfaces



Noël, J.J., Tun, Z., Shoesmith, D.W.

Neutron reflectometry as in situ probe of thin film composition and layer structure for investigating corrosion and hydrogen absorption in titanium



Simpson. P.J., Rideout, J., Knights, A.P.

Vacancy-impurity interactions in ion-implanted silicon


Lunch, University Community Centre, The Wave, 2nd Floor






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