8th International Workshop on High-Resolution Depth Profiling (HRDP8)Western Science


We are very pleased to have hosted the 8th International Workshop on High-Resolution Depth Profiling (HRDP8) on the Western University campus in London, Ontario, Canada.  HRDP9 will be held in Uppsala, Sweden during the summer of 2018.

Photos from the Poster Session and the Excursion may be found here.

The HRDP8 Program/Abstract Book may be downloaded as a .pdf file (3 Mb).

The titles of most presentations are linked to the presentations as .pdf files (0.7 - 6.4 Mb); the presentations may be found here.

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Student Poster Competition.  Prizes were provided by a generous contribution from Professor Emeritus Ian Mitchell, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Western University.


Joshua Rideout, McMaster University

Positron Annihilation Spectroscopy with in situ ion implantation to investigate defects in semiconductors over a wide temperature range


Gabriel Marmitt, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul

PowerMEIS: RBS/MEIS simulations using cloud computing


César Martínez-Flores, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico

Universal scaling of the electronic stopping cross section for swift heavy projectiles colliding with atoms and molecules


Carolyn Cadogan, Western University

Synthesis and characterisation of silicon nanoclusters in alumina

The program focused on the use of ion beams to determine concentration depth profiles or atomic structure with nanometric or subnanometric depth resolution.  Topics included

Ion Detection in Helium Ion Microscopy and Atom Probe Tomography

Low and Medium Energy Ion Scattering

Material Science Analysis Using HRDP Methods

New Facilities and Instrumental Developments

Quantitative Analysis of Biological Surfaces and Interfaces

Rutherford Backscattering, Elastic Recoil Detection and Narrow Nuclear Reaction Profiling with Atomic Layer Depth Resolution

Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy and Alternative Depth Profiling Methods

Special Topics (RRT, etc.)

Theoretical Developments and New Computer Simulations

The Workshop was followed by a one-day (August 12, 2016) tutorial session on high-resolution depth profiling techniques which was intended to attract young researchers interested in this field.  There was no charge for HRDP8 registrants to participate in this tutorial but those interested must have indicated their intent to attend on their registration forms.  The presentations, as .pdf files, are available here.

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